Can u guess what they are on picture below??

Yup they are BRAs with three different colors.

But if guessed they are women's bra.. AHAA... dame desu!!! you guys are totally wrong!!!

They are Men's Bra and been sold for two weeks at RAKUTEN and they are really popular even they have achieved 1st place for men's inner wear sales ranking for two weeks (from japanprobe).

I just cant imagine that one of my friend wears this, probably I will not stop laughing at him XD

Well it is nice that Japan has weird products but this one.. it's beyond my comprehension.



This is the third leg of the qualification for the 2010 World Cup in South Africa. This is an away match for Japan and it is a good result for them because Australia have won all the three matches where as Japan only two.

The scorer were:
19' Tatsuya Tanaka
47' Keiji Tamada
68' Marcus Tulio Tanaka

This is the match highlight from Japansoccer2

Here is the latest standing, its a little bit small but you can enlarge it by clicking on the picture.
(courtesy of www.soccernet.com)



I just updated my blog list and my daily visit sites and I am really impressed that there are many people who share their information, desires, passions, admiration to Japan whether its about the cultures, daily life, foods, technologies, movies, musics, sports, artists, mascots and many more.. and each one of them posted different topics, so we can see that there are lots and lots of things that can be covered or written each day. Everyday is different. That is what you called JAPAN, the land of the Rising Sun!!!


Miss Japan 2008

I just found out from 3yen news about Miss Japan 2008. Her name is Mizuki Kubotera (22). To find out more of her pictures, please visit here

JAPAN 2008 (courtesy of missworld.com)

Miss Mizuki KUBOTERA

Age: 21 Height: 173

Languages: Japanese & English

Mizuki grew up in Kanagawa, and now lives in the city of Hadano, surrounded by beautiful mountains with a view of Mount Fuji.

She is studying International Relations, including Economics, History and Sociology and aspires to achieve her Bachelor's degree in March 2009.

Mizuki's ambition is travel around the world, she has already visited: the US, Thailand, Korea, Australia; and whilst in high school her basketball club brought her to China to play against Chinese Universities.

Sporting and leisure activities include: basketball; swimming; cooking; listening to music; playing piano; Japanese Dance; and has a special talent in the Art of Calligraphy.

Mizuki also models for magazines and TV commercials, one of the most unusual jobs was swimming for 8 hours in an aquarium with a white dolphin for a TV commercial, it was surprisingly soft, playful and friendly.

Her personal motto is "Keep smiling" and "Think positively".

Japan Vs Syria

This is the latest Japan's friendly match on 13 November against Syria. Japan won 3-1 which I think it is not a bad score, but they should have scored more.

Japan did play good pass, good understanding between players, good individual skills and technique but there is one problem that Japan always have, it is lack of finishing by the players.

Hopefully they can improve a lot before World Cup ^^;




I have dreamt to have this watch before recession and NOW thanks to the "superb" world economy, I can't afford this watch for I don't know how long it takes to recover.. sigh..

This is one of the coolest Japanese watch I've ever seen. It costs about ¥16,900 which is about A$220++ roughly and it is too expensive..

If you guys wanna check out more of cool watches, check this site www.tokyoflash.com


Gamba Osaka Crowned Kings of Asia

Well done Gamba Osaka as they are crowned as Kings of Asia at Hindmarsh Stadium, Adelaide, South Australia. I watched the game this evening at my friend's house who supports OZ team, well yeah I think He agrees that Gamba was the better side at the final of ACL.

Last week Gamba smashed Adelaide United three goals to nil at Expo'70 Commemorative Stadium, Osaka. Today Gamba did it again with final score 2-0.

I was surprised with the score when my friend turned on the TV, its 1-0 already on the 11th minute. It was Lucas who scored on the 4th minute after Adelaide keeper lose the ball from powerful shoot from Sasaki. My friend gone crazy because now Adelaide need 5 goals to win.
Their nightmare was not ended there, in the 15th minute after receiving a good pass from Futagawa He put the ball behind Adelaide United 17-year-old goalkeeper Mark Birighitti.

The first half belong to Gamba, but on the second half was even because Adelaide United started to play better football with more spirit of the cup. In my opinion, Australian Football still need to learn more and work hard if they want to compete in Asian level especially against Japanese, Korean and Middle East teams. Australian teams are more physical style whereas Asian are more skills, technical and tactics and still could overcome the physical style football.

If I can say, Japanese type of playing is very attractive, creative, imaginative and I think they are really work hard on set pieces and teammate's positions. Probably the got the ideas from reading Manga such as Shoot, Captain Tsubasa and my favorite is Fantasista.

Once again congratulation for Gamba Osaka as the Champion of Asian Champions League 2008. Banzai!!!